The Kingsley Index™

The most comprehensive performance benchmarking
database in the real estate industry

The Kingsley Index™

The Kingsley Index™ is the most comprehensive performance benchmarking database in the real estate industry. Compiled from 30 years of analyzing the performance of industry leaders, our proprietary index is the standard for measuring tenant, resident, employee, and client satisfaction, as well as broker relations and operational effectiveness.

The Kingsley Index™ includes strategic data collected annually from:

Kingsley Index Stats

The Kingsley Index™ also includes benchmark data for clients enrolling in our employee, client, investor, or broker programs.

Customized Benchmarks

Accurate benchmarking is dependent on relevant data. Factors such as property type and quality, geography, and survey methodology are known to significantly impact customers’ perceptions. Kingsley Associates takes each of these factors into account and customizes our index for each client, ensuring apples-to-apples comparisons. The Kingsley Index™ includes benchmark data from only the last 24 months, which ensures updated, meaningful assessments against a similar peer group.

Actionable Performance Assessment

The Kingsley Index™ ensures a realistic and actionable assessment of portfolio performance. Clients receive an unbiased perspective on their standing versus the competition so that they can effectively address the issues that matter most, such as:

  • Driving loyalty and retention among tenants and residents
  • Building strategic relationships within the brokerage community
  • Maximizing client and investor satisfaction
  • Increasing employee engagement and productivity
  • Improving operational efficiency