Tenants Share Their Thoughts on Lease Renewals

By April 11, 2019Uncategorized

In this month’s partnership between CPE and Kingsley Associates, office tenants reveal what would make them stay and what would make them go.

“It would be nice if long-term tenants were given additional consideration of reduced rates at renewal time. This last renewal experience was frustrating. We are a small company and the increased rates have really made a dent in our budget.” –Industrial, Brea, Calif.

“We were given an allotment for tenant improvements because we renewed our lease. Those improvements are still in process.” –Medical Office, Austin, Texas

“As an airline, the location by the airport is the key. While location is important, we definitely value the property management quality and that’s why we would renew here.” –Office, San Jose, Calif.

“Given multiple factors including pricing and availability of leasable space for our growth amenities, we are not renewing our lease.” –Office, Atlanta, Ga.

“We just renewed. Our only concern is the rent increase. We would have asked for a smaller space had we known it was going to increase.” –Retail, Sugar Land, TX

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