Strategic Consulting

Balance stakeholder needs, strengthen market positioning, and optimize operations

Strategic Consulting

Kingsley provides strategic consulting to many of the world’s leading real estate organizations and understands the challenges associated with balancing stakeholder needs, strengthening market positioning, and optimizing operations. With a clear view of industry trends, we provide the analysis and expertise to help our clients sharpen their focus, plan for change, and execute strategic initiatives.

Portfolio Performance Assessments

Kingsley’s portfolio performance assessment program is an invaluable tool for monitoring, benchmarking, and enhancing portfolio results. As a supplement to our other survey programs, our portfolio performance assessment reviews service provider and JV partner relationships to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your firm’s performance. The assessments are primarily designed to:

  • Provide portfolio and asset managers with actionable tools to optimize retention and maximize NOI
  • Motivate and align efforts of service providers and JV partners
  • Demonstrate proactive portfolio oversight to investors

Explore our portfolio performance assessment offerings below.

Tenant / Resident Survey

This component of the portfolio performance assessment evaluates the perceptions of tenants and/or residents across the portfolio by measuring and benchmarking their satisfaction with asset features, property management, maintenance service, and the leasing process, as well as their renewal intentions.

Service Provider / JV Partner Assessment

This detailed review provides strategic oversight and enables your internal personnel (e.g., asset managers and accountants) to evaluate the success of operating partners in adding value to and supporting your firm’s goals and objectives.

360o Feedback

The 360o component empowers third-party service providers and/or JV partners to assess their working relationships with your firm. The purpose of this feedback is to identify best practices to improve interaction, realize operating efficiencies, and enhance property-level performance.

Organizational Benchmarking

Positioning your company for long-term success requires organizational efficiency and productivity. Knowledge of the most efficient operations, structures, and best practices can differentiate a company from its peers.

Kingsley Associates offers organizational benchmarking services including operations benchmarking, fund fee benchmarking, and management fee benchmarking.

Operations Benchmarking

Kingsley Associates’ engagements with the real estate industry’s leading companies and industry trade organizations allow us access to the most updated operational benchmarks available. We help our clients optimize their operations through customized benchmarking initiatives that offer insight in areas such as:

  • Corporate departmental expenses
  • Salary and compensation
  • Asset management fees
  • Acquisitions fees
  • Insurance program rates, deductibles, and limits
  • Property management fees
  • Construction management fees

With a deep understanding of operational performance and how it measures relative to competitors, your organization will be positioned to become an effective market leader.

Fund Fee Benchmarking

Kingsley Associates can provide relevant benchmarks across core, value-added, and opportunistic funds for clients raising capital for a new fund or seeking information regarding typical fee loads for a particular product.

With an extensive network and access to comprehensive fee data, our research tools enable a comparison of your firm’s products to other investment vehicles in the marketplace.

Our fund fee benchmarking program offers focused insight into:

  • Typical structure of asset management fees for a particular strategy (e.g., based on NOI, NAV, or GAV and how it is tiered)
  • Structure of promotions / incentives
  • Typical leverage and return expectations
  • Velocity of capital raising
  • Trends in fee structure

Management Fee Benchmarking

Kingsley Associates regularly collects management fees and leasing commission data across major property types and markets. With access to this information, your firm can validate current management agreements, maintain competitive pricing, proactively manage costs, and increase knowledge of new markets. Kingsley Associates’ analysis will provide feedback on the following areas:

  • Management fee ranges based upon market and property sub-type
  • Typical construction management structures within each market
  • Fee ranges for leasing commissions on new deals, renewals, and expansions

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