Investor Surveys

Assess investor perceptions of firm reputation and market standing

Investor Surveys

As an investment manager, your reputation among the investor community defines your success. Our investor survey offers answers to crucial questions surrounding investment offerings and service delivery, revealing insights into the following areas:

  • Perceptions of firm reputation and market standing
  • Investor needs and priorities
  • Decision factors in selecting a real estate adviser
  • Competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Characteristics of and best practices utilized by leading firms
  • Desired investment vehicles in the marketplace
  • Likelihood of future investments

Kingsley’s investor surveys objectively evaluate investor perceptions through phone interviews and/or online surveys to ensure candid and in-depth responses from investors and prospects. At the conclusion of the program, Kingsley Associates provides clients with a comprehensive report of key findings, comparisons against the Kingsley Index™, and strategic consulting on how to maximize performance and increase investor loyalty.

Business Intelligence for the Real Estate Industry

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