Broker Surveys

Enhance brand image and increase deal flow

Broker Surveys

Investing in broker relationships is an important step in enhancing brand image and increasing deal flow. Understanding the mindset of the brokerage community is essential to remaining at the forefront of each investment or lease transaction. The broker study will assess brokers’ perceptions of the firm and its leasing programs in areas such as:

  • Client relations
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Leasing process and team
  • Market trends
  • Opportunities for improvement

Our broker studies identify strategies for evaluating and improving broker relationships and perceptions. The results of the study enable clients to:

  • Identify and resolve unforeseen impediments to deal flow
  • Refine leasing and marketing efforts
  • Evaluate competitiveness of lease documents, policies, and commissions
  • Understand broker expectations for commission payment and turnaround time

Kingsley’s broker surveys objectively evaluate broker perceptions through phone interviews and/or online surveys to ensure candid and in-depth responses from the brokerage community. The results are compared against the Kingsley Index™, the most sophisticated real estate benchmarking index in the industry.

At the conclusion of the study, clients are provided with a comprehensive report that includes detailed analysis and strategic recommendations to enhance relationships with brokers and increase asset returns.

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