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What amenities do Seattle renters actually want?

November 30, 2017
The Seattle apartment industry is full of interesting features—and it’s almost like each one is trying to outdo the last....
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What do renters want? Survey shows top items people look for in their next place

November 29, 2017
Our concern over package deliveries outranks wanting a place to mingle or grow food when it comes to what piques...
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What Apartment Renters Want

November 22, 2017
The most attractive features of an apartment unit to renters turn out to be good management, good cell phone reception and...
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When Tenants Need Space

November 14, 2017
CPE and Kingsley Associates partnered this month to see what tenants thought about the layout in their CRE spaces.
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What Renters Are Thankful For

November 13, 2017
In honor of Thanksgiving, this month MHN and Kingsley Associates partnered to find out what residents are most thankful for...
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